Bonding Coats
Gypsum Plaster
Coloured Render
Non shrink grout
Concrete repair mortar
Masonry mortar
Floor screed

To meet the growing demand of dry mix mortars for faster and massive construction work, Dubai Plaster(DP) has come out with a wide range of machine applied plaster/renders and other mortars for the building construction industry, cement , lime and gypsum based dry mix mortars of Dubai Plaster are manufactured with the latest state of the art techonology production process, DP products are available in bulk (silo) and bags.

DP silo and machine processing system offers the time and quality advantage, wich helps to gurantee the competitive edgs of its users in the long run. Dry mix mortar and plaster/render in silo are much more rational than material in bags. DP offers building site silos in various sizes.

They are delivered to the site and filled with required product. Dry mix plaster/mortar can be conveyed with the help of pneumatic pumping system of the location of application.

DP offers the PFT G4 Plastering Machines for continuous mixing of dry mortar with water and spraying the wet mortar on walls/ ceilings, for high rise buildings there are Relay stations for further boost the dry mortar up to the required height, for a consistent quality of wet mix of screed and masonry mortar horizantal Screw Mixers are available, Pneumatic transport of dry mortar saves a lot of manual operations and allows a continuous work at site.

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