Through a variety of sponsored branch offices and joint venture arrangements, our international partners provide specialized Design, Engineering, Project Management and Construction and Contracting services in each of the sectors that we serve.
Nama represents a number of leading international manufacturers of engineered equipment who are specialized in the areas of Mechanical and Rotating Equipment, Electrical Control and Instrumentation Equipment and Process Equipment.
In addition to the project development activities pursued on behalf of our international partners, Nama also acts as a project developer in the local industrial sector, participating in its own right and with local and international partners in selected manufacturing and processing.
Nama is dedicated to further developing and maintaining its position as one of the leading, local business groups serving the Oil & Gas, Power & Water and Industrial sectors of the UAE economy.

Our objective is to professionally satisfy the needs of our local customers, while ensuring that we remain one of the first choices for international organizations looking for a reputable local business partner.



Nama provides its international partners with a full range of business development and support services that may be needed to enhance their chances of competing in this important market. These can include the following:
Business Development Support Services   Logistical and Admin Support Services
Assistance in formulating and implementing a successful strategy to enter the market most effectively based on proven local experience and success

Identifying new project opportunities and providing ongoing information through the various phases of a project’s life 

Acting as a professional day to day interface between our partners and their clients

Providing ongoing market intelligence and regular business development reports

Providing access to our well established network of business relationships
Support in registering our partners with all of the relevant client companies
Sourcing of competitive manpower, local services and subcontractors
Providing procurement, transportation and warehousing resources
Providing fully serviced office accommodation
Assisting in relations with the various governmental regulatory bodies
Processing administrative issues relating to licensing, immigration and employment matters
Arranging Personnel Support Services including accommodation, messing, transportation facilities
Assistance in dealing with local financial institutions