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Synaxis Engineering
Synaxis Engineering is one of the most respected and trusted providers of customized engineering solutions in the nation.

Synaxis Readymix
Synaxis Ready-Mix Concrete’s impressive growth into one of the foremost suppliers in the UAE is based on the strong commitment to quality and great customer service.Synaxis Ready-Mix Concrete has forged partnerships with prominent regional contractors and consultants; and together we work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Synaxis Sand & Aggregate
As the UAE construction industry continues on its rapid growth, Synaxis Sand & Aggregates is dedicated to supplying the finest washed sand and aggregates.

Synaxis Sand & Saveto
Synaxis SAVETO is the most recent integral part of the SAUDI VETONIT Co LTD operational group (SAVETO Group) dedicated to being the leading manufacturer of dry mixed cement and gypsum-based building finishing materials in the Middle East and North Africa.

Synaxis Media & Advertising
We are a giant, giant megaphone – magnifying your voice so you can be heard amidst the tempestuous din of ads and messages.We are a pedestal – putting you above all, raising you high in the air, way above the clutter.

Current Vacancies

We believe that by creating and investing in multiple businesses in different and key industries – parts that will come together in synergy – we can create products and services of unparalleled value for our clients, and our nation.

Founded in , Emirates Synaxis is an Abu Dhabi-based organization. The company has established significant interests in the fields of infrastructure development, energy, finance, IT, construction, media & advertising. Emirates Synaxis is also continuing to invest in more key growth industries; and also continuing to acquire controlling stakes in a wide range of companies in the UAE, and around the world.

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